Broadway Plan’s Phase 2 Open House is Now Live

The materials detail the proposed directions for land uses, housing, jobs, parks, public spaces and connections and amenities. The overall focus will be on how neighbourhoods will grow and manage change through a neighbourhood-based planning approach that recognizes the distinct communities, places, issues, and opportunities in Mount Pleasant, Fairview and Kitsilano.

How you can participate

1. Get the highlights in the interactive StoryMaps
The Broadway Plan’s StoryMaps are an interactive web-based tool that combines maps, pictures, videos, and text to show you the highlights of the Broadway Plan’s Emerging Directions. To learn more visit the website.

2. Read the full details in the online information boards
A set of files in PDF format, similar to the information boards you’d find at in-person open houses, is also available on the website to provide you the details about the important contextual information and emerging directions for all three neighbourhoods and area-wide policies.

3. Share your feedback
What do you think about the emerging directions for Mount Pleasant, Fairview, or Kitsilano? What do you think of the area-wide policies?

  • Tell the Broadway Planning Team  in the survey by March 31. Take the survey.
  • Have a question? Sign up for “office hours” to speak to a Broadway Plan team member. Sign up here.
  • Have a question about the Emerging Directions? Leave a question on the “Questions” tabs on the Broadway Plan ShapeYourCity website.

4. Sign-up for the workshops
The Broadway Planning Team is holding a series of virtual workshops, which focus on the highlights of the Emerging Directions, covering the neighbourhoods of the Broadway Plan and area-wide policy. To sign up, visit:

Your feedback will help refine the emerging directions and move the planning team one-step closer to creating a 30-year plan that will help integrate new housing, jobs, and amenities around the future Broadway Subway.

Courtesy of The Broadway Planning Team

Get Involved!
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