Use social media to communicate your business’ concerns. It provides great tools to connect with your community in the current times of uncertainty. When you use it, please consider the following guidelines:

Context is king
Think about the context of your content that is going out to the world. Now, it stands alongside news about uncertainty, social distancing and struggling businesses and therefore employees. It should be appropriate and considerate.

Reassess your content
Ask yourself: ‘Does this campaign/post/message still work today?’ As an example: If your content contains any messages about going out and spending time with friends to explore the city – this is not the time. Reassess your images, captions and hashtags for tone and appropriateness, as well.

Basic principles that you should follow in times of crisis communication:

  • Keep a calm voice.
  • Be honest.
  • Don’t sugar coat.

And in this case:

  • Be a reliable source. If you talk about the crisis, get your information from reliable and official sources. In the case of Covid-19, this is the World Health Organization and your national and local government homepage.

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