DineOutSide in South Granville 

Tourism Vancouver brings back their popular DineOut Festival for the summer to support local restaurants! It’s still possible to register as a restaurant and participate – at no cost!  Register here.

Your restaurant, eatery or bar will be listed on the official DineOutSide restaurant directory and will benefit from extensive communications efforts through Tourism Vancouver!

The festival will start on August 13. 

Restaurants that want to participate must meet the following criteria:

  1. Restaurants MUST be in the City of Vancouver only.  The event is not open to restaurants in the rest of Metro Vancouver.
  2. Restaurants MUST have a PATIO to accommodate OUTDOOR Dining.  OR/
  3. Restaurants that do not have a patio MUST be able to offer a PICNIC TO GO Pack for guests.  Restaurants offering only DINE-IN service (indoors) are not eligible.
  4. Participating restaurants MUST offer ONE OR MORE of the following:
    1. A three or more course menu at one of the following set prices $15, $25, $35, $45
    2. A Picnic to Go Pack
    3. A special offer which may include; a discount on meals, two for 1 entrée, complimentary entrée/appetizer, complimentary bottle of wine, or cocktail.
  5. If a restaurant does not meet the criteria listed above, participation will be denied.  There is no charge to participate.

If you meet the criteria above and would like to register your restaurant to participate, please click here to fill out the Registration Form.