Expedited Temporary Patios

The City of Vancouver issued 14 temporary patio permits this week to assist businesses coping with pandemic.

The approvals came after the provincial government allowed businesses to file applications for outside liquor permits. This policy change was introduced to help them cope with the loss of indoor customers due to COVID-19-related seating restrictions.

According to the city, the new permit holders will be able to expand indoor seating into public street, parking, and sidewalk space by these businesses. The city has received 46 applications since June 1.  The program is free to apply, and simple permits (a few tables and chairs along the sidewalk close to the property) are quickly and easily approved in 48 hours.

Due to the narrow sidewalks, and peak parking regulations, businesses along Granville St. do not qualify. The South Granville BIA is currently working with the City on restoring full time parking so that businesses along Granville St qualify to participate. This is a top priority for the BIA and we hope to have a response to you for next week.

At this time only South Granville businesses on the side streets (The numbered Aves) are eligible to apply. If you would like to apply for a temporary Patio permit, you can apply directly or if you would like assistance, the South Granville BIA has hired a contractor to assist with your application. We recommend you email us at info@southgranville.org to let us know about your patio as this is one of the steps of the permit process.

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