Fast Tracks – A Canucks Autism Network Project

The project aims to help businesses address hiring and support challenges they have faced due to the pandemic, while also promoting workplace inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities and autism.

Fast Tracks offers the opportunity for businesses to build a qualified job candidate pool, a paid leadership opportunity for existing staff and experience building an inclusive workplace.

Project Details

The Canucks Autism Network is working with businesses to develop work experience placements based on the training they currently offer new employees. Beginning in 2021, businesses will host 2-3 participants with intellectual disabilities or autism for 1-4 weeks-long work experience placements.

As a federally funded project, there are no costs incurred by businesses or participants. We would cover:

  • The salary of the employee assigned as the workplace trainer (up to $1000 per week)
  • The participants’ hourly training allowance (minimum wage)
  • The hourly wage of the Job Coach assigned to aid the participant and support the in-house trainer

Project Results:

  • A pool of highly qualified candidates to meet future hiring needs.
  • New practical skills and experiences for the participants that will aid them in their career development.
  • Potential employment for participants.