31ST JULY 2011

In 1907 city council officially changed the name of the street from False Creek to the top of the hill at 9th Avenue to South Granville Street. Here’s who was living or doing business on this block.

2001M. M. Lemon, grocer
2003E. Marriott, cigar store: Walter Burke, barber (1907/08)
2014Percy Morley, laborer (house)
2021George Hunter Hardware Co. Ltd.
2025Samuel Bell (house)
2025Fairview Real Estate Exchange
2027R. D. Cowan, real estate
2027Josiah Savage, tailor
2029Whicker and Ives, plumbers (1907/08)
2042George Aske, real estate
2044Canadian Bank of Commerce
Morris Shaver, teacher (1907/08)