It’s Vancouver BIA week

Like every year, the BIA week highlights the important work of BIAs. 2020 is a special one because we’re looking at our work through the lens of an ongoing global pandemic. That’s why we’d like to show how BIAs support their member businesses in times of economic uncertainty and what exactly the South Granville BIA did to support their neighbourhood merchants in the times of Covid-19.

  1. Gathering and sharing information quickly
    Working from home mostly started around March 16 due to the growing spread of Covid-19. The SGBIA had a general Covid-19 advisory page up on March 12, which is permanently updated with trends and resources of various areas: Information and Planning sources, business sources, checklists, guides as well as emergency templates and tools
  2. Advocating for businesses’ needs
    We are currently working with other business organizations to track the economic impact of COVID-19 and are advocating for a recovery strategy that will assist our member businesses as well as the larger business community.
  3. Hiring additional security
    Since 90% of the businesses have closed temporarily, we have noticed suspicious activity in the area that may result in Commercial Break and Enters in the South Granville retail area. While the South Granville Concierge and Loss Prevention programs are being continued, an additional late-night mobile patrol was funded by the BIA to protect South Granville’s businesses and properties.
  4. Creating and sharing communication guides
    Doing business has significantly gotten harder. One of the most important aspects to keep customers informed and engaged is communication. The SGBIA has created guides and information sources for its businesses on how to use social media to stay connected with their customers, ideas on what to post and what to say, how to find their voice during times of crisis and provided information about free advertising programs and  .
  5. Actively supporting member businesses through social media
    The SGBIA promotes its businesses through their social channels on Facebook and Instagram. We’re sharing promotions, messages and activations from our businesses, show what life in the neighbourhood looks like now and provide ideas on how customers can support their favourite local businesses.