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Take the Retail Study Survey

Thank you to the 30 SGBIA members who attend our Retail Study event at the Rise on June 19, 2019. We appreciate you volunteering your time to help us understand the situation of Retail in Vancouver.

The study team has put together an online survey for those of you who could not make the event. The cut off to provide your feedback is July 23, 2019

Landlords and Brokers Survey
Retailers Survey


The South Granville BIA was selected as a ‘pilot area’ for a broader study being conducted on the challenges and opportunities for small, independent business in the City of Vancouver. The study – commissioned by the City and being undertaken by an independent consulting team – is looking to answer the following questions:

  1. What changes have occurred in the South Granville BIA (and other study areas) over the last decade? This includes changes in business mix, size, ownership, property values, rents, and taxation
  2. What are the primary drivers of observed changes in business mix / typology?