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Discussing the Future of Broadway

We are at the start of a comprehensive planning and engagement process for the area of Broadway between Clark Drive and Vine Street. The 30-year plan will focus on opportunities to integrate new housing, jobs, and amenities around the new Broadway Subway.

The Broadway Plan area (from Clark Dr to Vine St) is a diverse employment and residential mix that includes established neighbourhoods such as Kitsilano, Fairview, Mt. Pleasant, and the False Creek Flats. Find out more about who lives here, who works here, how people get around, and the types of destinations and amenities in the area.

Part 1:
Part 2:

The City of Vancouver is hosting a series of ‘walkshops’ this May and June throughout the Broadway Plan area. These sessions combine a walking tour with a workshop, and are an opportunity for community members to help shape neighbourhood specific strategies for the Broadway Plan. Sign up for a walkshop