Keeping WorkSafe BC Compliant

WorkSafe BC inspections and consultations are an important part of ensuring health and safety in B.C. workplaces. To check-in on that, WorkSafe BC officers may call or visit unannounced to evaluate how you are protecting your workers and how you are applying the appropriate safeguards to properly manage the overall risk of COVID-19 exposures. Remote inspections were more common at the beginning of the pandemic response, when approximately half of inspections were conducted remotely. Today, remote inspections account for fewer than 20 percent of COVID-19 inspections.

During inspections, the WorkSafe BC team will make sure that employers have prepared and implemented an action plan to protect their employees and customers against the possible threat of a COVID-19 infection. Since the start of the reopening phase in May 2020, it is mandatory for each business in BC to have a COVID-19 safety plan – having it in place is the best way to avoid fines.

Find a COVID-19 Safety Plan Template by WorkSafe BC here.

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