The safety of your business and properties matter. Since 90% of the businesses have closed temporarily, we have noticed suspicious activity in area that may result in Commercial Break and Enters.

The South Granville Concierge and Loss Prevention programs are being continued however, the South Granville BIA has funded a new late night vehicular mobile patrol to protect your properties and businesses. You will see a Paladin Security marked car driving around South Granville in the evenings beginning March 24 until COVID is over.

You can help:

  1. Leave your lights on. This will help our security team do their job and make it harder for criminals to steal.
  2. If you have high value products or liquor bottles being displayed, please put them out of sight. We have heard of people breaking your window to  steal even a pair of shoes.
  3. Send us your emergency contact info (email and text) so we may reach you if something happens at your business or property.
  4. Install a security camera.
  5. Do not leave your front-door, alcove and patio unattended or messy. Pick up your mail.
  6. Hide your cash register machine and leave no money behind.