Security Harden your Premise during Closure


As of March 18, 2020 — The SGBIA team did a walk around today to check on our members amidst the COVID-19 event. As businesses begin to temporarily shut down, security issues may arise as business premises are left unattended for unauthorized guests.

If you are planning on closing your business temporarily, please make sure to visit your business every day and night. Bring in the mail, and tidy the front area each day. Do not leave your front-door, alcove and patio unattended or messy. If you have patio furniture, please move it inside. Hide your cash register machine – DO NOT leave money behind. If you have high value products or liquor bottles being displayed, please put them out of sight.

We have increased our security patrols with Paladin, however we anticipate that with fewer visitors on the street, dark, hidden or enclosed spaces will attract illegitimate uses. Therefore, please take responsibility to manage your property while you’re away.