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DSW Shutters ‘GRAIL’ Concept Store in Vancouver

In June of 2018, DSW, which recently rebranded as ‘Designer Brands Inc.’, opened a 3,100 square foot sneaker concept store called GRAIL at 2867 Granville Street on an upscale retail strip south of Vancouver’s downtown core.


The concept store offered global brands for sneaker fans and collectors alike. Some brands weren’t available elsewhere in North America. The space itself featured a state-of-the-art ultra hi-res LED ceiling and surround sound — a theatre-like experience that welcomes guests and sets the tone for an evolved retail experience.

The idea was to test out the concept before rolling out more storefronts. It’s unclear if the concept will be revived elsewhere, or scrapped — in March we reported that DSW Inc. had changed its name to ‘Designer Brands Inc.’ with plans to continue to expand its DSW, The Shoe Company and Shoe Warehouse banners in the Canadian market.

Source: Retail Insider