The South Granville Business Improvement Association (SGBIA) has partnered with the City of Vancouver to create temporary recovery plazas at 13th and 14th Avenue for people to ‘Hang Out to Help Out’. The Pop-Up Plazas provide a space for the community to enjoy their take-out from nearby eateries and enjoy the summer outside while complying with social distancing. The plazas are currently in soft launch as the pieces come together and will be formally open on Friday, July 17th until the end of the summer.

The goal with the pop-up plazas in South Granville is to welcome back the community. The areas on 13th and 14th Avenue are perfect public spots to enjoy lunch breaks and to meet friends – all while enjoying the surrounding public art.

To ensure a pleasant experience for all visitors the SGBIA would like to remind you of the following:

Why Pop-Up Plazas?

Restaurants were ordered to close their dine-in service during the worst of B.C.’s COVID-19 pandemic but were allowed to open with reduced seating starting on May 19. Restaurants in South Granville in particular, rely on business by patrons of the Stanley Theatre which is not expected to reopen until Phase 4 of the pandemic – when a vaccine is found. Creating outdoor patio space for restaurants increases customer confidence and helps restaurants expand to meet their existing capacity.

Vancouver city council approved the Temporary Expedited Patio Program on June 1. Temporary traffic barricades have been erected from Granville Street to the laneway to limit vehicular traffic. The plazas are accessible to pedestrians and cyclists and are intended to support public life and local business activity. Adjacent businesses have generously volunteered to ensure that the spaces are well-cared-for, inclusive and comfortable since neither the city nor the BIA have the capacity or budget to do so.

What’s Happening on The Plazas?

Currently, the South Granville BIA is working to improve the plaza experience even more by presenting a virtual menu to the local restaurants. Scannable by smartphone, Take-out can be ordered from all South Granville eateries.

Check the South Granville Homepage, Instagram and Facebook pages and follow the hashtag #hangouttohelpout for updates on the plazas.

What People Say

“It’s exciting to see two new pop-up plazas and patio spaces coming to the heart of South Granville. The silver lining to the ‘Covid Cloud’ has been the opportunity to really focus on prioritizing people in our public space. When I brought the expanded patios motion to Council, it envisioned the creation of commons-style spaces with seating, so that people have room to eat if they want to takeout from local restaurants and cafes, as well as room to simply connect and enjoy their neighbourhood.”

“I am absolutely thrilled at the initiatives of the City and South Granville BIA to create more public gathering space. The increased plazas and patios have already deepened the sense of community and have been a huge help to the local restaurant scene. It’s new so tweaks will be made but the response from my neighbours and customers has been overwhelmingly positive – I really hope the changes exist post-COVID.”


How long will the Pop-Up Plazas be up? They will be up until the end of summer to support businesses and for your summertime enjoyment.

Can I bring my own food? Yes! The Pop-Up Plazas are fully public, no purchase required to use either of the plazas. They’re open for everyone who behaves respectfully towards other visitors, residents and the public space.

Why is the furniture on the Plaza on 14th locked up at night? The pop-up plazas are a quick reaction to the impacts of COVID-19 of the City of Vancouver in collaboration with Business Improvement Associations throughout the city. The demand for outdoor furniture is high and available funds are low. Hence, the furniture on 14th Avenue has generously been provided by our neighbourhood partners for public use. For insurance-related reasons, most of the furniture must be brought in at night when there is no more staff around to look after it. Sorry about that. There is another plaza up the block at 13th Avenue which has picnic tables on it all day.

As the pop-up plazas are an ‘on-the-fly’ project, your opinion helps a lot to improve the plaza experience. Please share it with us via email to

Thank you.