Rangoli Happy Hour is our best kept secret.

According to Scout Magazine, the Best Whisky Sour West of Main is at Rangoli.

Order: Very Good Sour, $12.50 — Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Ginger, Abricot du Roussillon Fernet Branca, lemon, egg white, cinnamon.

Since Vij’s move to Cambie last year, Rangoli’s cocktail program and happy hour have become South Granville’s best kept secret. Rangoli not only offers the traditional dishes diners have grown to know and love over the years, there are new menu items, an amazing bespoke cocktail menu, and a new late night vibe to entice people on their way home from a night out.

Happy Hour is 7 days a week, from 3-5pm and 10pm to close.

1480 West 11th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6H 1L1
604 736 5711