Reminder on Sidewalk Use

Please review the notice from the City of Vancouver below regarding sidewalk use and mobility during this time of Public Life Recovery initiatives.

The City has received a variety of concerns regarding items such as sandwich boards, menu displays, host stations and other temporary structures blocking or constraining pedestrian movement on sidewalks.Keeping sidewalks clear is important for maintaining accessibility, safety and physical distancing for residents and your customers.

To help balance the different needs and uses for sidewalks, we ask that all businesses follow these guidelines:

Sandwich boards:

  • limited to one per business
  • must be located against the building frontage
  • must be on the ground floor
  • cannot exceed maximum dimension of H 90cm X W 60cm
    • Host stations and menu displays should not be on the sidewalk area
    • For businesses with a patio, patio item cannot extend beyond the approved patio footprint

Thank you for doing your part to keep our sidewalks accessible and safe.