South Granville Celebrates new Plazas and Patios

To enable South Granville businesses and their patrons to comply with social distancing rules, the South Granville Business Improvement Association (SGBIA) has partnered with the City of Vancouver to create temporary patios and three new public plazas!

The Patios 

As a recovery support measure for the local economy, the City of Vancouver introduced the Temporary Expedited Patio Program. The program simplifies and expedites the application process. Business owners are now able to expand their space to the curbside and ensure social distancing this way.

These are the new patio locations in South Granville:

  • Goodge Place (Granville x 8th)
  • The Marquis Grill (Granville x 10th)
  • Stable House Bistro (Granville x 13th)
  • Bean Around the World (Granville x 14th)
  • Breakfast Table (between 14th and 15th block on Granville St.)
  • Small Victory (between 14th and 15th block on Granville St.)

The Plazas

The Pop-Up Plazas provide a space for the community to enjoy their take-out from nearby eateries and enjoy the summer outside while complying with social distancing rules. Two plazas have already been set up on Granville Street and 13th Avenue and Granville Street and 14th Avenue. A third plaza located on the north end will be implemented in August at Granville Street and 7th Avenue.