South Granville’s New Murals

The last days of summer 2020 are the first days of a much more vibrant and colourful South Granville. In collaboration with the Vancouver Mural Festival, we welcomed five artists to the neighbourhood for them to have it used as their canvas. Sean Jantzi, Carrielynn Victor, Mega McGrath, Nadine Nevitt and Tafui created beautiful new public art pieces to bring you joy and inspire your South Granville selfies.

Sean Jantzi – Summer in the Garden

Granville Street x 11th, next to TELUS

Artist Statement: Vancouver’s residents often find themselves longing for the warm respite of those few summer weeks when the sun burns through the clouds and turns everything into gold. This mural is a celebration of those magical days that glow hot and allow us to experience the best our city has to offer while leaving those wet winter months behind.

With the whimsical interpretation of a figure reclining amongst an abundance of foliage I aimed to create a sense of simplicity, joy and leisure that can be appreciated year-round. After all, warmer weather is always just around the corner and the simple pleasures of summer aren’t far from reach.

Carrielynn Victor – Lift Off

Back Alley of the Stanley Theatre

Artist statement: The mural is of a trumpeter swan running on top of the water right before it takes off. The design style selected makes use of shapes found in traditional Salish woven patterns, and colours to create hard-edge three-dimensional shapes throughout the piece.

Mega McGrath – What Matters Most

12th Avenue on Townline Fabricare Drycleaners

Artist statement: An ode to Charles Bukowski’s poetry; “What Matters Most Is How Well You Walk Through The Fire”. The sentiment speaks on the resilience of the human spirit in the face of upheaval and change. Although the poetry collection was published in 1999; it serves as a metaphor for the societal challenges we have faced in 2020; and strength we’ve been able to display collectively. Mega’s work focuses on exalting truths about the human condition through the use of ornamentation and colour.

Brunch Blooms

Breakfast Table’s Front

Artist statement: For the 2020 Mural Festival, Nadine was inspired by the natural beauty of South Granville, including the community gardens (especially at West 7th and Birch St), the love of fashion, interior design, and style amongst the neighbouring shops of the Breakfast Table. The bold artwork she has created is an abstracted floral because of its scale and will read as an all-over pattern or wallpaper motif. The palette was inspired by the established interior of the restaurant, with consideration of the marigold coloured awning that already exists. The goal of this artwork is to make people inspired to get outside, reunite with friends again and feel safe going to brunch. If you have to wait in line or keep your distance you might as well take a few photos while doing it.

Diaspora Diary – Tafui

16th Avenue x Granville Street, on Zebraclub

Artist statement: My work is inspired by the idea that ‘we are one’ and through the understanding of our histories and shared experiences we become united, as people, as cultures, and to the earth. Using mark-making as an homage to old methods of storytelling, I share my story by connecting myself with others and others to me. Each symbol represents a person from an aerial view, from a distance we are all the same.

Artist Statements from: The official Vancouver Mural Fest App. Download and explore murals through all of Vancouver.