Support Local Auction by Postmedia

The “Support Local” Auction by Postmedia/Vancouver Sun & The Province provides the opportunity to gain advertising dollars at Postmedia through providing them inventory for an auction. The program runs May 20th – 26th.

Postmedia is doing this as a support to both sellers and consumers – it gives the consumer the ability to buy products and services at a cheaper price, and gives the seller the ability to restart their business without the risks associated with cash expenditures after weeks of reduced revenue generation.

Here are the details:

  • You provide Postmedia with items or gift cards to auction on their platform before May 20th.
  • Postmedia promotes and markets the auction (therefore driving traffic to this page).
  • The buyer receives a PDF of a successful auction purchase they can redeem with you. You will also receive a list of all buyers.
  • You will receive the full retail value of your items/gift cards in advertising which can be used in  print or digital solutions with Vancouver Sun & Province
  • Our organization is providing a proven platform (Vancouver Sun & Province) in which local services and retailers can sell/leverage their inventory/services to support needed advertising, rather than the typical cash expenditure.

In short: You provide inventory to Postmedia, they will sell at a slight discount and you receive full retail value in advertising dollars with them. You can redeem with Postmedia from June 2020 – October 2020. No minimum existing cash spend with Postmedia necessary.

Find more info HERE and HERE.