31ST JULY 2011

As soon as the streetcar line was extended south from Broadway, a number of modest apartment buildings began to appear along South Granville. Some like the Edwards Block near Broadway continue to be popular places to rent while many others have been lost as the street developed.


Evans Court at Sixth, home to residents such as Clarence Banghart the owner of the Ladies Bakery on Pender St., disappeared with the construction of Pacific Press in the 1960s. The Lakefield on the south east corner of 10th. Ave., was demolished with half the block in the 1980s, while across the street, the Bank of Montreal replaced the apartment building designed by the architects Townsend and Townsend for Mr. Sullivan (at 12th their Paterson Block was demolished for a rival bank). At the other end of the block, Henry Logan, the manager of the Maritime Motor Car Co. Ltd. on 13th. was one the five residents of the now demolished Surrey Block.


In the shadow of the Douglas Lodge the Sunset Apartments, home to Frank and Florence Holiday who worked at the Granville Stationary Company downtown manage to hang on, though the Selman Apartments in the 2800 block, named for its owner, was demolished in the 1920s for a gas station. But in the 2900 block the Gordon Apartments manages to survive.