Sustainability in South Granville


Earth Day is celebrated every year to turn the public’s awareness towards the state of our planet and it inspires thousands of people to make more conscious life choices every day. For most people, these choices start at their own consumption. Never has it been more important to offer and choose sustainable products and luckily, it has never been easier to find ethical products as slow fashion is on the rise.

That’s why we’ve looked for sustainable brands and businesses in South Granville and here are some great examples from the neighbourhood:


Black Goat Cashmere

Black goat cashmere uses sustainable cashmere in all of its garments. Its cashmere wool is hand-combed from goats in Mongolia, which are owned by nomadic herdsmen. Black Goat cashmere resources are harvested respectfully and sustainably.

Eileen Fisher 

As a certified B Corporation Eileen Fisher cares about the holistic environmental impact of its products. All garments are ethically sourced and processed. Amongst other things, Eileen Fisher makes sure only sustainable fibres are used, the working conditions in their factories are favourable for their sewers and Eileen Fisher is not releasing hazardous chemicals into nature.


Tna, which is one of Aritzia’s brands, conducted a variety of steps to become more and more sustainable over the years. They’ve partnered with various programs like the ‘Better Cotton Initiative’ and joined the ‘Sustainable Apparel Coalition’ next to actively setting sustainability goals for the company.


South Granville is home to Turnabout Luxe and Turnabout Luxury Resale. Both locations offer luxury brand consignment, which is a very sustainable approach to high-quality goods. This way, Turnabout is actively fighting a throw-away society and promotes quality- over fast-fashion. The founder Joy Mauro is also involved with giving back to the community through different charities.


Urbanity carries fair-made comfortable clothing made from sustainable and natural fibres. Entering the store, you’ll quickly fall in love with the Scandinavian design shining through. On top of that, Urbanity’s clothes are size inclusive!

Home Goods

King Living

King Living is committed to environmental sustainability throughout the product design, manufacturing and packaging processes. In addition to using recyclable and biodegradable materials, it is constantly looking for new ways to improve environmental sustainability.

Naturepedic Mattress Gallery

Naturepedic mattresses are made from all-natural materials like organic cotton and wool, coconut husks and latex. The production works without harmful chemicals and is completed by Amish craftsmen by hand.

Oriental Casa

Oriental Casa’s production’s wood off-cuts are sold and reused to minimize their footprint. For finishes, they only use water-based products from Germany to reduce harmful toxins that occur in conventional furniture production. Its staff’s business cards are made from cotton fibres.


Heirloom Vegetarian

The meat industry has an immense impact on the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. Heirloom Vegetarian’s menu renounces meat completely and uses delicious alternatives like a house-made vegetarian burger patty substitute, Shiitake mushrooms or Beyond Meat.


L’Occitane is committed to respecting the environment and supporting communities while guaranteeing product quality and safety. The French cosmetics company doesn’t use parabens, animal matter or microplastic particles. In addition to that, L’Occitane cares for fair worker/producer conditions, has set up a foundation against blindness and builds beehives.

Queen Bee Flower Shop

The flower industry is mostly unsustainable – flowers are imported from far away and a lot of plastic is used as packing material. Queen Bee Flower Shop fights those circumstances actively! 90% of Queen Bee’s flowers come from ‘United Flower Growers’, an auction for local growers that benefit from British Columbia’s milder climate. They try to limit water usage and reuses containers and material where possible while their packaging and wrapping paper comes from recycled materials.