Vancouver City Council approves mobility pricing study

On November 17, City staff were directed to perform further study on implementing mobility pricing for the Metro Core which includes Downtown, Burrard to Clarke as far south as 16th Ave. South Granville BIA falls within this area.

Staff will report back to council before the end of 2022 with recommendations and next steps as it is said that there will be consultation with residents, businesses, students and post-secondary institutions.

It was noted by Mayor Stewart that road tolls are outside the legal jurisdiction of the municipal government, and during discussions it was mentioned that such a move would require the provincial government to amend the Vancouver Charter.

The South Granville BIA submitted a letter to Mayor and Council against the Climate Change Emergency Plan, on the basis of undue hardship on businesses from the impacts of the pandemic and the Subway construction. We are currently working with other business and social organizations to voice our concerns on this matter.

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