Visitors in South Granville

South Granville businesses open with care. To officially kick-off the BC-wide ‘Open with Care’ campaign, Vancouver City Councillors Sarah Kirby-Yung and Christine Boyle and Member of the Legislative Assembly George Heyman visited our neighbourhood. They met with several of our small business owners to have a chat and experience the newly reopened and safe shopping environment in South Granville first hand.

The South Granville BIA’s Executive Director, Ivy Haisell guided our guests through the neighbourhood. She explained the challenges that arose through the novel Coronavirus and the opportunities for South Granville’s role as a neighbourhood in an inclusive, vibrant, diverse city.

Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung

visited South Granville to have a chat with local business owners Wanda Lai from The Rise Eatery, Rosemin Jutha from Queen Bee Flower Shop and Emily McLean from Goodge Place.

Member of  the Legislative Assembly George Heyman

visited South Granville to meet with local business owner Bruce McNabb from Caffe Barney and Diane’s Lingerie’s Store Manager Lynda Barr to discuss recovery, public health and the role of South Granville in the transportation network and as a neighbourhood.

Councillor Christine Boyle

toured South Granville to learn especially about the opportunities for South Granville and public space that results from the Temporary Expedited Patio Program that the City of Vancouver just launched. At Goodge Place, she had the chance to talk to Emily McLean and Urban Planner Lance Berelowitz, as they discussed plans for a new temporary patio.