What to do at home… if you already have done everything else

11 Feel-Good Activities

It is Thursday (and yes, you can give yourself some credit if you knew what day it was!) and week seven of social distancing. You probably did it all. You’ve read the books, tried the recipes or even tried to create your first TikTok video. But what to do now? Here are 11 feel-good ideas that will help you out when you feel overwhelmed or anxious.

1. Enjoy the Stanley Theatre’s virtual content

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic and its accompanying social distancing measures don’t skip the world of performing arts. We really miss visiting the magnificent halls of the Stanley but the ArtsClub is doing everything it can to make the break as comfortable as possible for you. The ArtsClub offers a variety of virtual events with its ‘Workshop Wednesdays’, ‘Live From Home’-Sessions or ‘Forum for Young Artists’. Check out the whole digital program called ‘ArtsClub Digital Edition’ HERE.

2. Spend your afternoons with authors, TV personalities or learn a new hobby

You heard us right – all of that is possible online! Indigo and Anthropologie created video and live series on their social channels that are informative and entertaining!



3. Practice Mental Selfcare

There’s healthcare for the body and healthcare for the mind. Try (bullet) journaling for unwinding your thoughts, crawl YouTube for tutorials and design inspiration. Our favourite journal comes from ‘Leuchtturm’, available through Indigo.

Need to get in the right headspace or feeling anxious? Headspace is a great app for quick meditations that help you reduce your stress levels and offers a great ‘Weathering the Storm’ section for free while social distancing is still mandatory.

4. Socialize

How about hosting or going to a house party? Yes, you heard us right. Get the ‘Houseparty’ app and you can spend time with people you care about online. When one or more of your friends are online you can simply pop into the conversation, too. The cool thing is – even party games and quizzes are included.

5. Dance it out!

Our favourite playlist for that: Mood Booster on Spotify!

6. Bake sourdough bread

Bread baking is an artisanal process – and can be pretty therapeutic, too! There’s nothing better than a freshly baked sourdough bread, with butter and some salt. Williams Sonoma has the perfect Sourdough bread recipe and even one for making your own sourdough starter, that will provide you with a great starting base for all your future loaves.

7. Order a Pizza or Pasta Kit

Stable House Bistro has opened a walk-up window to provide you with dinner, wine and a take-home pizza kit, whenever you’d like to shake up your cooking at home routine! Grab fresh pizza toppings, a delicious tomato sauce and a prepped ball of dough to have authentic Italian pizza from fresh, local ingredients in 20 minutes.

Special tip: If you order a gift card with a minimum value of $10, you can get an educational video from their sommelier on any wine topic that you like… Spoiler alert: It’ll be hilarious!

8. Check out virtual auctions and gallery exhibitions

To support our local art scene, the ArtsClub Theatre Company created an online auction where you can bid on experiences, events, trips and more. The South Granville galleries make big efforts to bring art into your lives – we had the first-ever Instagram Live exhibition opening at the Marion Scott Gallery and have online exhibitions to visit at for example Elissa Cristall Gallery, Ian Tan Gallery, Heffel Auction House or Bau-Xi Gallery.

9. Virtual Board Game Night with your friends

Board games are fun, but mostly something you can’t really do with one or two people. Here’s the solution: Try finding your favourite board games online, create accounts and log on to play. Best version: let your friends do the same, connect your accounts in the online game and start a Houseparty or FaceTime session! Have some snacks and wine ready and it’ll almost feel like the real thing.

Game suggestions: Go to steam.com to find classics like Catan, The Game of Life, Cluedo or try jackbox games.

What you probably did before but is still a great thing to do

10. Get your retail therapy on
Online shops are open 24/7 and offer great deals now. Find a list of all our South Granville boutiques here.

11. Support your local restaurants and order #TakeOutToHelpOut

It’s a win-win situation: You help local restaurant owners by ordering their food and you’ll get to enjoy it and get a glimpse into normalcy. Almost all our South Granville restaurants are open for take-out.

Here’s the list:

  • Bean Around the World Coffee
  • Bin 4 Burger Lounge
  • Blenz Coffee
  • Breakfast Table
  • Cactus Club Cafe
  • Caffe Barney
  • Cheesecake Etc.
  • 5 Spice Vietnamese Cuisine
  • Freshslice Pizza
  • Heirloom Juice Co
  • Jamjar Restaurant
  • Kyo Korean Bbq House
  • Mcdonald’s
  • Starbucks Coffee Company
  • Sushi Master
  • Sushivan
  • The Rise Eatery
  • The Stable House Bistro
  • Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting House
  • Vij’s Rangoli (Rangoli menu available, pick-up location Cambie Street)

And during all this, don’t forget: Physical distance is our way to serve. Staying apart will flatten the curve and we are stronger than this.