Why It’s Important to Buy Local Now

Let’s start with some facts and numbers: In BC, small businesses (<50 employees) represent around 98% of businesses, of which 84% have less than 5 employees. More than 1 million jobs in BC derive from small businesses, which is almost half of the province’s employment.

These small businesses create local jobs, use locally grown products/services and help keep our community & economy strong. And also local property owners are small businesses that are invested in the communities where they own, operate and serve.

Did you know that for every $100 you spend in your neighbourhood, over $60 return to your community? ⁠⁠It’s because local business owners⁠

  • support local events, sports teams and charities.⁠
  • are more likely to buy local goods and services. ⁠
  • provide jobs in your community. ⁠
  • provide a place for people to gather and connect.

Local businesses make a neighbourhood unique and give it authenticity. Imagine a world where every shopping area looks, sounds and smells the same with only the same products to buy. That’s why it is so important to support local businesses right now when the economy has been hit hard. South Granville has a unique mix of businesses and has been home to locally owned biz since the early 1900s. Let’s support our businesses in times like these so that we can enjoy the diversity of small businesses in the future.


Infographics courtesy of LOCO BC.