Build Back Tourism Challenge 2021

South Granville is participating in the Tourism Challenge as part of the Build Back Tourism 2021  program and welcomes you to luxury shopping, arts and entertainment!

Whether you’re new or local to the neighbourhood, South Granville is the perfect place to find yourself in pursuit of relaxation or pleasure. Sunny open-air plazas and patios, fascinating art galleries, incredible fashion and interior boutiques, a feast of delicious cuisine and beverages from our eateries – this neighbourhood is yours to discover – come treat yourself in South Granville!

The Build Back Tourism Challenge is an opportunity for tourism industry staff and volunteers to explore local attractions and explore the city we all love from May 1 – September 30, 2021.

Solve the South Granville Scavenger Hunt to earn your three neighbourhood stamps! 

Step 1) Answer at least three of the four following questions (hint – you will find these answers on the historic plaques scattered across the neighbourhood)

  • Q1: Granville Street and 7th Avenue | In 1904, Mr.Dalgraves hired local contractors _____ & _____ to erect a dwelling near 7th. Fill in the blanks.
  • Q2: Granville Street and 14th Avenue | How many picnic tables are at the plaza on 14th Ave?
  • Q3: Granville x Broadway | Before it was coined the name of ‘South Granville’ in December of 1907, what was South Granville known as other than the North Arm Road or Centre Street?
  • Q4: Granville Street and 15th Avenue | Along Granville, on which avenue did BC Motors have their showroom?

Step 2) Take a selfie at one of our nine murals:

  • The Pigeons by James Knight (Granville Street and 11th Avenue)
  • Summer In The Garden by Sean Jantzi (Granville Street and 11th Avenue)
  • Lift Off by Carrielynn Victor (Back of the Stanley Theatre)
  • What Matters Most by Mega McGrath (Granville Street and 12th Avenue) 
  • Ultraviolet by Drew Young (Granville Street and 13th Avenue)
  • Pacific Horses by Ola Volo (Granville Street and 13th Avenue)
  • Stripes: Black, White and Gold by Ed Spence (Granville Street and 14th Avenue)
  • Brunch Blooms by Nadine Nevitt (3014 Granville Street) 
  • Diaspora Diary by Tafui (3103 Granville Street) 


Last of all, make your way to one of our partnering businesses, show them your photo and tell them your answers to receive your three neighbourhood stamps!

There are two stamping locations:

  • Details by Mr.K – 2717 Granville St
  • Diane’s Lingerie – 2950 Granville St
  • Hours: Monday to Saturday 11:00 – 5:00 pm, Sundays 12:00 – 5:00 pm

Don’t forget to tag us in any photos you share on Instagram at @southgranville and use the #southgranville hashtag.

Have fun in our neighbourhood!